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Owner, Director Operations, Chief Instructor

Marco J. Grunert

   Welcome at Security Experts cc

                & SurvivalZone Self-Defense Academy





         Proudly Namibian                   We work for Namibia's public safety



SECURITY EXPERTS (ES-U-EX) cc  is a 100% Namibian and Namibia based company and for more than 20 years the leading self-defense and security training institution in Namibia, with a small, but elite operational branch in Armed Emergency Response, Close Protection and Anti-Poaching. 


Contact details – Head office – Security Experts cc:

Hamman Street 14, Klein Windhoek

PO Box 9790 Windhoek

Email: terra@africaonline.com.na



We are giving high-quality training to ALL - civilians as well as professionals - from "ordinary people" to members of the Namibian police and military forces.



We offer unrivaled, elite services in armed emergency response, close protection and anti-poaching. The quality of our security services is unmatched in Namibia and offers the customer the highest standard of security.



For operations as well as for training courses, we use two different locations:

1. Urban base & training academy / Klein Windhoek:

Our Urban base & training academy is home of our SurvivalZone Self-Defense Academy, with regular training throughout the year in Krav Maga (Contact Combat / Self-Defense) and CTS defensive shooting.

Furthermore, from here we carry out armed emergency response, close proetction and anti-poaching operations in the near and far. And here we provide tactical training courses for armed emergency response and close protection officers (and those who want to become one), as well as training Namibians for home security and neighbourhood watch purposes. 


2. Field base &  training academy / Ondjou Wilderness Reserve / Kunene Region:

At our beautiful, privately owned lodge and game ranch we carry out our anti-poaching operations in the Kunene region. And from here we provide tactical training courses especially for anti-poaching officers (and those who want to become one) and for other more "field and bush related" applications. In this context we here hosted, for example, special training courses for the Special Field Force of NAMPOL.

Armed response and close protection training courses can also greatly benefit from the concentration of the excellent training opportunities at our comfortable lodge and fascinating game ranch bordering Damaraland. Furthermore, the perfect conditions and facilities for training Krav Maga/Contact Combat and Defensive Shooting in wild nature attracts private individuals as well as Namibian security professionals. 



1. We not only work for ourselves, but also for Namibia's public safety !

2. We work strictly on the basis of the Namibian law !

3. We only give services within Namibia and to Namibian citizens or residents !

4. For us, professionalism comes before financial profit !

5. We only accept customer orders that we can fulfill to the customer's full satisfaction !

6. Our employees are carefully selected, receive first-class training from us and are managed according to strict discipline, but absolutely fair, under humane guidelines and working conditions.

7. Our professional motto "Evil shall walk in Fear" clearly describes our determination in both our training and security services.


Now enjoy the further study of the website to learn more about our services.

Sincerely - Marco G.



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