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Owner, Chief Instructor & Director Operations
Marco J. Grunert

Marco J. Grunert is proprietor of Security Experts cc, the affiliated SurvivalZone Self-Defense Academy and the owner of the Ondjou Wilderness Reserve, the venue of our Wilderness base &  training academy.

He has been working for decades in the national and international security industry, mostly operating in armed emergency response, close protection, CIT protection and anti-poaching, as well as training Namibian civilians and security professionals. - Numerous private individuals, international organizations and leading Namibian security companies, members/ex-members of military and police units, were trained by him.


Some more particulars about him:


  • Namibian permanent resident since 1993. In the Namibian security profession for about 25 years


  • Licensed Namibian Professional hunter


  • Former paratrooper (NATO forces)


  • Former co-owner of the than largest Armed Response company in Namibia  (Proforce Armed Response)


  • Former commander and chief instructor of the G4S Armed Response & Close Protection Squad (2003 to 2016)


  • Armed Emergency Response / Armed Alarm Intervention: Deployment, commander and instructor since 1996 till today.


  • Close protection: Deployment, commander and instructor since 1996 till today.

  • Among many other asignments, he was giving close protection services to the German Football Association during the World Cup 2010 in South Africa


  • Anti-poaching:  Deployment, commander and instructor since 1993 till today.


  • In his capacity as chief instructor of leading security companies in Namibia, Proforce Armed Response, 911 Rescue and G4S, he trained and qualified numerous members/former members of Namibian police NAMPOL and military forces NDF in armed emergency response, close protection and CIT protection services.


  • Training of active members of the Namibian Police Force


  • Giving self-defense / contact combat training courses to NAMPOL police instructors  at the Patrick Iyambo Police College in 2011


  • Giving anti-poaching, shooting and contact combat training courses to NAMPOL Special Field Force officers at the ESUEX Wilderness base & training academy in 2019


  • Krav Maga Expert (Israelian “Contact Combat”); In Krav Maga since 1981; 


  • CTS (Crime+Terror Survival) Krav Maga - Master Level 5 (highest level); 


  • CTS (Crime+Terror Survival) Shooting - Master Level 5 (highest level)


  • 1st Dan Black belt in Judo 


  • 5th Dan Black belt in Thai Kick Boxing (WAKO)


  • Owner and chief instructor of SurvivalZone Self-Defense Academy in Windhoek

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Marco G. published a handbook on crime prevention, "Street Survival ", ISBN 99916-68-64-0, which is available in bookstores, or (with discount) directly from him.