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Protecting the innocent


Venue:                         SurvivalZone SelfDefense Academy, 

                      Urban Training Center, Klein-Windhoek


               Security Experts Wilderness Training Center, Kunene Region

Our training usually takes place in our Urban Training Center. For additional Krav Maga training adventure, we recommend long-weekend training courses, which we conduct under perfect conditions in our Wilderness training center and lodge in the Kunene region.

Course structure:       Continous weeklyg training classes, or

Compact courses

Times & Rates:           See under link "Rates & Times" 

Age group:                  From 18 years 

Requirements             Although a good physical fitness is of advantage, especially people

with less physical fitness can benefit greatly from the courses and are welcome.

Participants in the courses that lead to professional qualification must meet certain fitness requirements. In addition, previous knowledge and previous experience are of course an advantage. More info on request.

Graduations:             Graduations through compact courses or continuous training are

based on the following system: Practitioner level (5 sub-levels), Graduate level (5 sub-levels), Bachelor level (5 sub-levels), Expert level (5 sub-levels), Master level. - The progress is permanently checked and tested during the training and the grades are awarded according to the progress in performance and confirmed by certificates. - - In case of continuous training, on average, 6 to 8 months are required to achieve a full grading if the student turns up regularly for training.

Contact us for all practical and organizational information on these courses !

081 12 45 321


Course participants


1) Aspired security professionals,  both government and private sectors, who want to be trained and qualified for close protection employment or who want to significantly improve their skills. 

We offer tailor-made and in-depth training courses for police officers, NDF soldiers, or other state officials to support them to deepen and build up their skills.

The courses will drastically raise the standards of operators and officers or qualify for special services.


2) Safety-conscious men and women who, for various reasons, would like to learn how to best protect their relatives and families against attacks, even in extreme situations.

recruiting for cooperate clients

Note to security service providers and cooperate clients: Our services also include the recruitment and selection of suitable candidates. This is a basic requirement for the best possible performance in training and deployment. - Trust our vast experience and many contacts to find you the best applicants, both physically and mentally.

Course description in short

Close Protection means protecting people (or, in the broader sense, people carrying assets) from a close range against attacks usually directed firstly against the client or protected person. 

Beside the well known VIP protection services, we put more focus on "smaller", less "glamorous", but much more challenging tasks, protecting persons who are seriously threatened e.g. in the course of relationship dramas, or people seriously threatened by criminals.


These tasks require intensive training, with a focus on Krav Maga and tactical gun training, beside the proper use of observation and operational tactics.

The training is therefore very time-consuming and calls for highly experienced and skilled instructors to prepare the CP officers even for worst case scenarios.

Course content

All legal issues related to close protection services, especially the legal foundations of "powers of arrest", the use of force (minimum force), and the use of firearms.

Safe and professional handling of firearms (in theory and practice)

Tactical shooting in self-defense and in third party protection against attacks with deadly force

Flowing transition from Krav Maga to shooting technique - an extremely important discipline, which is often neglected

Defense of the firearm against disarmament attempts (Firearm retention)

Unarmed self-defense and third party protection, even against attacks with deadly force

Self-defense and third party protection with "Less-than-Lethal" weapons, - e.g. pepper spray, baton and improvised weapons

Control and arrest techniques; searching of persons and vehicles 

Seaching of premises and buildings

Close protection tactics

Observation skills

This long list makes it clear why close protection is so demanding and calls for a particularly high level of motivation and stamina. 


For companies we also offer recruiting  services to select the "proper human resourses " who will  pass the demanding courses with high chance of success.

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