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The ultimate Distance Fighting System


Venue:                         SurvivalZone SelfDefense Academy, 

                      Urban Training Center, Klein-Windhoek


               SurvivalZone SelfDefense Academy,

               Wilderness Training Center, Kunene Region

Our basic shooting training takes place in our Urban Training Center, where we also have a fully equipped airsoft shooting range. For live fire shooting training, we recommend our 2 day intensive CTS shooting courses, which we conduct under perfect conditions on our shooting ranges in our Wilderness training center and lodge in the Kunene region.

Times & Rates:           See under "Rates & Times" 
Members of our CTS Krav Maga team get 50% discount on the CTS shooting classes !

Age group:                  From 18 years 

Firearm hire:              If you dont have a firearm / airsoft gun (or not yet), than

both, real firearms or airsoft guns can be borrowed from us for training classes: N $ 100 per training class per.

Requirements             Although a good physical fitness is of advantage, especially people

with less physical fitness can benefit greatly from the courses and are welcome.

Participants in the courses that lead to professional qualification must meet ​certain fitness requirements. In addition, previous knowledge and previous experience are of course an advantage. More on request.

Graduations:             Graduations through compact courses or continuous training are

based on the following system: Practitioner level (5 sub-levels), Graduate level (5 sub-levels), Bachelor level (5 sub-levels), Expert level (5 sub-levels), Master level. - The progress is permanently checked and tested during the training and the grades are awarded according to the progress in performance and confirmed by certificates. - In case of continuous training, on average, 6 to 8 months are required to achieve a full grading if the student turns up regularly for training.

Contact us for all practical and organizational information on these courses !

081 12 45 321


Guns are the most effective self-defense tool for private individuals and law enforcement officers against attacks which aim to kill or to inflict serious injury.

Therefore, a gun owner who wants to do something for his/her private security should receive training in CTS Shooting, not only to use it effectively, but also to learn the necessary safe handling to prevent personal injury or injury of innocent. - Furthermore in times of rising violent crime, there is also a need for non-firearm owners who are practising self-defense, to participate in our CTS Shooting classes. This follows from the realistic scenario that an attacker could be disarmed and this firearm could now be used for self-defense or third party protection against other armed attackers. Anyone who trains the disarming of an attacker, should also be trained on the seized weapon - including the firearm.
Therefore, in addition to our CTS Krav Maga, a complete Crime+Terror Survival demands firearm training in CTS Shooting especially with pistols and revolvers in order to offer a complete range of techniques and tactics covering all distances and threat scenarios. Those who want to be regurgitated for the best possible self-defense or emergency, can not ignore CTS Shooting.

Course participants

Safety-conscious men and women

who want to optimally prepare for self-defense situations in their everyday lives in order to survive these situations and as unscathed as possible.


Sport shooters

who want to increase their repertoire of combat shooting techniques and tactics

Martial artists

who want to defend themselves against criminal or terrorist attacks even better and who want to learn how to use the captured weapon after disarming an attacker for emergency or for self-protection against other armed aggressors

Adventure travelers

who want to better defend themselves against serious criminal or terrorist attacks and who want to learn how to use the captured weapon after disarming an attacker for emergency relief or self-defense against other armed assailants.

Security professionals

or those who want to be, who want to learn and improve their qualifications and who want to prepare better for their professional needs


Training content

All legal issues related to firearms use and possession (in theory and practice), especially the legal aspects of self-defense, third party protection and the use of "deadly force"

Safe and professional use of handguns (semi-automatic pistol, revolver, in theory and practice)

Tactical handgun and longgun/shotgun shooting in self-defense and in third party protection against attacks with deadly force - also against several armed attackers and attacks from all directions.

"Dry drills", target exercises without live shooting take up a large space (which also saves ammunition costs)

Intensive training with Airsoft weapons saves costs, but also achieves excellent training results to prepare for the live shooting ammo.

When the shooting drills are automated in this way, we shoot these drills on shooting lanes with "live fire", meaning real ammunition.

Flowing transition from Krav Maga to shooting technique is an extremely important discipline, which is often neglected

Defense of the firearm against disarmament attempts (firearm retention)

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