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Protect your home, family & NEIGHBOURHOOD


Venue:                         SurvivalZone SelfDefense Academy, 

                      Urban Training Center, Klein-Windhoek

Our training usually takes place in our Urban Training Center. Nevertheless, we recommend long-weekend training courses, which we conduct under perfect conditions in our Wilderness training center and lodge in the Kunene region.

Course structure:       Compact courses

Times & Rates:           See under link "Rates & Times" 

Age group:                  From 18 years 

Requirements             Although a good physical fitness is of advantage, especially people

with less physical fitness can benefit greatly from the courses and are welcome.

Participants in the courses that lead to professional qualification must meet certain fitness requirements. In addition, previous knowledge and previous experience are of course an advantage. More info on request.

Graduations:             Graduations through compact courses or continuous training are

based on the following system: Practitioner level (5 sub-levels), Graduate level (5 sub-levels), Bachelor level (5 sub-levels), Expert level (5 sub-levels), Master level. - The progress is permanently checked and tested during the training and the grades are awarded according to the progress in performance and confirmed by certificates. - - In case of continuous training, on average, 6 to 8 months are required to achieve a full grading if the student turns up regularly for training.

Contact us for all practical and organizational information on these courses !

081 12 45 321


Contents of training courses


Home security is the protection of your home in the broadest sense: Your possessions, your life, your health as well as those of your whole family. - Its is therefore also a foundation of neighborhood watch as it enable s the members to watch after their own premises effectively and to assist others (for example elderly neighbors) in this task.

The basic task of home security is how to prevent intruders fro*********m***** getting into your premises, and how to react when criminals manage to intrude into your premises or pose a threat in the vicinity of your premises. Every threat and violence level must be considered, including firearm attacks.

The courses consist of 30% theoretical and 70% practical training. In the practical classes we teach the tactics and techniques which are necessary for effective home security. Focus is on tactics, self-defense and third party protection, which demands a lot of time and energy to achieve a high degree of effectiveness moreover in real emergencies. The self-defense training is based on our combat krav maga system. Basic tactical shooting with handguns, shotguns and rifles is also a major part of the program. Of course, when firearms are used, the correct handling of the weapon and firearm safety must always be in the forefront.

You will feel more comfortable and safer - through the abilities, skills and knowledge you have gathered during the course.   

Neighbourhood watcH
IIntelligence gathering

The most important and fundamental task of neighborhood watch is the gathering of information about suspects and suspicious incidents in the neighborhood. This information should then be reported to the police. The police should respond accordingly - and as soon as possible.

Normally, simple patrols on foot or by vehicle are used to gather information. For detailed information gathering, simple person checks and searches may be necessary and helpful. All of these tasks require specific training.

Since person checks or searches can lead to confrontations with suspects, self-defense also plays an important role as a safety precaution during information gathering.

Neighbourhood watch alarm response
The extended tasks for a neighborhood watch member can be covered in our home security and alarm response courses (see under the following links).
In doing so, we provide private individuals involved in neighborhood watch with comprehensive training that prepares them for all scenarios, drastically improves their personal safety during neighborhood watch deployments and makes neighborhood watch a highly effective means of crime prevention.

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