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"The legendary, most effective

self-defense system worldwide"


Venue:                         SurvivalZone SelfDefense Academy, 

                      Urban Training Center, Klein-Windhoek


               SurvivalZone SelfDefense Academy,

               Wilderness Training Center, Kunene Region

Our training usually takes place in our Urban Training Center. For additional Krav Maga training adventure, we recommend long-weekend training courses, which we conduct under perfect conditions in our Wilderness training center and lodge in the Kunene region.

Course structure:      Continous weeklyg training classes, or

Compact courses

Times & Rates:           See under link "Rates & Times" 

Age group:                  From 14 years 

Requirements             Although a good physical fitness is of advantage, especially people

with less physical fitness can benefit greatly from the courses and are welcome.

Participants in the courses that lead to professional qualification must meet certain fitness requirements. In addition, previous knowledge and previous experience are of course an advantage. More info on request.

Graduations:             Graduations through compact courses or continuous training are

based on the following system: Practitioner level (5 sub-levels), Graduate level (5 sub-levels), Bachelor level (5 sub-levels), Expert level (5 sub-levels), Master level. - The progress is permanently checked and tested during the training and the grades are awarded according to the progress in performance and confirmed by certificates. - - In case of continuous training, on average, 6 to 8 months are required to achieve a full grading if the student turns up regularly for training.

Contact us for all practical and organizational information on these courses ! 081 12 45 321


CTS Krav Maga is original, authentic Krav Maga based on the old military Krav Maga principles from its early years, when it was the contact combat system of the Israelian military forces in times of war. It is in general a "Best of" compilation of the most effective techniques and tactics with and without weapons from all existing close contact combat styles like JuJutsu, MMA, Thai boxing, Excrima (Filipino weapon fight) and many more, as well as military/police close-combat systems. This means that our students learn elements of all these systems and styles.


Our strength is that we look "beyond the horizon" of just one fixed style or system.

Our system is based on decades of experience in training, competition, and use in emergencies, as well as on continuous learning from numerous instructors and colleagues who have accompanied us in a long multi-martial arts and security career. Experiences with the system "on the road" and in action, by us and our colleagues, students and trainers, were and are the measure for the development of the system - also in the future.



For beginners, CTS Krav Maga is perfect for quickly gaining a high combat and defense strength in case of emergency.


JuJutsuka or Krav Maga practitioners, as well as other martial artists, down to the master, can train with us techniques and tactics that can be efficiently and freely incorporated into the personal repertoire as desired.

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CTS Krav Maga is nothing more than the extremely consistent application of a series of highly effective combat techniques and tactics, rigorously selected according to the principles of effectiveness, reliability, and rationality. - Our training focus is on the dangerous scenarios, where there is a real danger for life and health - be it in self-defense or third party protection.

All actions must strictly adhere to the law and legal requirements.


CTS Krav Maga does not follow the trends to weaken efficiency just to make the style look "more attractive" and make it commercially more successful. A system made for to save lifes must be only measured by its effectiveness in the professional field and in private emergencies. Commercial interests and "personal ego" are not allowed to influence the style.


CTS Krav Maga consistently strives to achieve the highest level of defense and combat effectiveness in the shortest possible time so that students can respond to all possible threat scenarios correctly and reliably under all circumstances.

Effectiveness and relevance to reality

All techniques and tactics of the system have been developed and tested by countless users. This long evolution left only the most effective methods for both professional and civilian use. Also very advanced in martial arts and self-defense will find in our system therefore much useful that they can install in their technical arsenal.

Longer maintenance of training condition - short training period

CTS Krav Maga specifically uses natural and instinctive movements and relies on simplification. The training therefore provides very good results very quickly.

Practice-oriented training

CTS Krav Maga is strictly based on reality or operational practice and covers all possible scenarios that civilians or security forces can face - from civilian self-defense to survival in exceptional situations - for example in high risk regions of foreign countries.

Performance under stress

Our CTS Krav Maga courses and seminars provide systematic, instinctive motion patterns across a range of stress-inducing scenarios. The consistent application of our basic principles also allows the student to be more effective under the stress of confrontation or emergency and to better control the negative effects of the "adrenaline shock".


CTS Krav Maga is trained in five disciplines. The disciplines cover all possible scenarios that can emerge in a self-defense or third-party protection situation in close quarters. In doing so, we take into consideration that such situations can arise in an urban environment as well as outdoors, or even in the wild, far from any help (for example on adventure trips:

CTS Krav Maga is divided into the following sub-diciplines:

Hand vs Hand = Superior in unarmed conflicts
Most attacks against "civilians" are unarmed and it is therefore of great importance to be prepared for boxing, kicking and grappling attacks. In addition, even unarmed attacks can lead to serious bodily harm or even death, for example by choking, or by hitting and kicking when the defender is already on the ground, especially when there are several attackers. Many of our techniques are taken from the legendary MMS (Mixed Martial Arts), because MMA uses only the most efficient techniques for unarmed combat. It is generally accepted as the “the royal discipline” of all martial art sports. All techniques used in MMA are constantly rigorously tested in full-contact competitions. - This is why MMA is also an important source for the best basic techniques for our Krav Maga.

Hand vs Hand - Control & Detaining = Bring "the bad guy" into custody
Usually a self-defense situation ends when the opponent is incapacitated or when the defender can use the chance to retreat or escape. However, for those who (like professional security operators) have the additional goal of bringing the offender to justice, however, special training in control and detention techniques is required. - The crown of self-defense is to hand over the attacker to police and therefore to justice.

Hand vs Weapon = Unarmed against Weapons

CTS Krav Maga - Hand vs Weapon is unarmed self-defense against armed attacks. In such serious scenarios, while facing deadly force, we prepare to cover every weapon, from the kitchen knife to the assault rifle.

Since we are being attacked with deadly force, we can attack with the hardest and most effective, unarmed techniques known in Krav Maga, which can cause the attacker to suffer the most severe bodily harm. The goal is to bring the attack to an immediate and sustainable standstill, which is also of utmost  importance if facing several attackers.


Weapon vs Weapon = Armed against deadly force
CTS Krav Maga - Weapon vs Weapon is designed to enable the defender to use non-firearm / contact weapons whenever legally permitted and such weapons are available. - In these life-threatening circumstances, armed self-defense is always preferable to unarmed self defense because of the much higher impact and less risk for the defender. The weapon will also enable ta defender to effectively defend himself or herself against several physically stronger attackers.

3rd Party Protection = Protect the innocent
In addition to self-defense, the protection of innocent people who are the victims of a criminal attack is a central topic of CTS Krav Maga© , whether in the bodyguard profession or in private life. These situations are very different from the techniques used in self-defense and therefore require special training. - That's why this is an important discipline of CTS Krav Maga© . In 3rd Party Protection we use both unarmed and armed techniques to depending on the severity of the attack to ensure that our defense is according to the law.

Crime + Terror Survival (CTS) Shooting
It is a tradition in Krav Maga that students are also trained in defensive shooting. That has to do with the origin of Krav Maga from the military field. But more important is the requirement that the defender after disarming an opponent must be able to use the thus-secured firearm against other armed aggressors or for the protection of innocent. - CTS Shooting is integrated into the Krav Maga training. For those only interested in CTS Shooting we offer specialised classes on the weekends. 

Benefits of practising CTS KravMaga

To learn the self-defense system which is generally considered the world's most effective close combat system, also used by numerous military and police special forces around the globe

To experience progress through training by our CTS Krav Maga© grading system

To develop an excellent physical shape - CTS Krav Maga© is one of the best physical work-outs available when it comes to speed, explosice strength, reflexes and body control

To develop mental strength, self-confidence, self-dicipline and a well-balanced character.

To experience the adventure and challenge of the most legendary close combat system


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